Ho Scale NSWGR Tenterfield Goods Shed KIT


Ho scale building Tenterfield Goods Shed

Length 380 mm

Width 140 mm

This is a quality scale model laser cut from wood 

Construction is easy

The Tenterfield Railway Station Museum

Not only is it a superb example of Victorian Gothic architecture designed by the Father of NSW Railways John Whitton, but until it closed in 1989 it was one of the State’s longest serving regional Stations.


Tenterfield Station opened in 1886 and was the last NSW Station built on the Great Northern Line.


Ironically the Station’s service came to an end 100 years after the then Premier of NSW Sir Henry Parkes arrived by train to make his famous Federation Speech in Tenterfield which set in motion the formation of the Commonwealth of Australia.


Today many of the original facilities are still in working condition allowing the Station to transform itself into an outstanding Railway Museum with a well preserved collection of railway artifacts.


The Museum has a large collection of Heritage Rolling Stock, complemented by prize winning platform gardens and a magnificent model railway display.


Additional information

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 40 × 28 × 4 cm


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