HO scale Bombala Goods Shed (KIT) laser cut timber


Ho scale Goods shed built from drawings of Bombala Goods shed
Australian made by Walker Models for Model Train Buildings.com.au
Very accurate scale model to 1/100th of a mm 
The building is 383 mm long 105mm wide
The Goods Shed is laser cut from quality timber and plastic parts 
this model has 3d scale timber Corrugation NOT cardboard . Lots of detail in this building and will look fantastic in any model railway train set
My models have a full structural interior which makes my buildings very strong and easy to build 
With a tag and tab system 
no need for jigs, clamps ect just glue and paint  
Why buy a Timber laser cut kit
The detail and reality of the building is unmatched by other means 
very strong and will most likely out last the builder they don’t sag or bend 
Paint it and it will be just like the real thing
comes with step by step building instructions
Buildings are very easy to put together with some PVA glue or any other kind of wood glue super glue is also suitable to use

Additional information

Weight 571 g
Dimensions 30 x 20 x 2 cm


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